WE HAVE MOVED!​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hutton Transport Limited is primarily a bulk and bag cement trucking business, operating from yards in Uniondale and Bowmanville, Ontario. The company concentrates its efforts on delivering

Cement products with more than 90 tractors and 

115 trailers to markets in Southern Ontario, Western New York and Michigan.

We Have Moved!

Hutton Transport Limited has been in th​e trucking business since 1932. Originally, Wallace Hutton started the company with his brothers Gordon and Enos. They hauled many different commodities over the years including gravel, livestock and corrugated paper. During the 1940's, the company began hauling cement from the St Marys plant and today, cement is the core of Hutton's volume. St Marys Cement purchased the company from the Hutton family in the 1960's and since then has continued to invest in the technology and people required to provide the dependable, on-time delivery service demanded by today's ready mix concrete and building supply markets. Hutton also provides logistic service to a wide variety of shippers who have freight that fits the company's outbound patterns. These customers benefit from freight rates that reflect the cost savings of utilizing Hutton equipment returning from bulk and bagged cement deliveries. Example commodities include silicates, fly ash, barite, slag, steel, lumber, concrete beams and blocks, paving stone and fabricated assemblies. Contact Hutton Transport Limited for rates and additional information.​